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Green arrow/black canary: till death do they part. Issue 1-14 [electronic resource] / Judd Winick.
Hilo book 1 : the boy who crashed to earth / Judd Winick.
Superman, Shazam : first thunder. Issue 1-4 [electronic resource].
First thunder. Issue 1-4 [electronic resource] / Judd Winick.
Batman: Harley and Ivy. Issue 1-3 [electronic resource].
Batman Arkham. Talia al Ghul [electronic resource].
Garfield. Unreality TV [electronic resource].
Batman. Issue 635-641, 645-650. Under the red hood [electronic resource].
Wonder Woman, the many lives of Maxwell Lord [electronic resource].
Green Arrow : 80 years of the Emerald Archer [electronic resource].

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